Added: Oct 9th, 2010

Plans: Gold 1.2-1.5% Platinum 1.6-2.0% Daily for 120 Days

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Min Deposit: $10
Max Deposit: $500000
Referral: 5%-8%
Withdrawal: Manual
Forum: MMG  TG  DTM

 Visit Program Investment: $40.00 Payout: 89% User Rating: 8.5 (10 votes) Listed: 1727 days
Support: E-Mail:  Phone: Investplatforms  Support Form:   Latest Votes: Gave everyone 8$ to trade Gold and FOREX: Paid! Thanks! Got paid again! Great! Got paid again! Great! Paid always on time!!  Latest Payout: Jan 31, 2011

 Program Description 
Verified by VeriSign / SSL PRO Extended Validation / DDos / Dedicated server We are a Vietnam Registered company (Asia One Assets) Audited by State Bank of VN, governed by the Republic of Vietnam Law and Validated and Trusted by VeriSign. Investplatforms is registered in Vietnam under the company name, Asia one assets. We started years ago handling portfolios of different individuals, handled multiple development projects here. In recent years, this growing economy demand a need for greater influx of finances and a reliable company with good reputation to supply quality work. As such, we decided to launch the online platform, to rope in investors to partake in project VN. We are validated by VeriSign and Republic of VN